Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wow, I've got to start writing more often.  This seems to be a trend with this blog, I need to get in the habit of noting things better.  Those of you who know me well know I'm bad at that kind of stuff (like keeping in contact, etc)

Lots has happened in the past couple years since I posted. Most wouldn't be interested in hearing about it, so I'll skip the small stuff :)

Still in beautiful Colorado, and loving the atmosphere

Working on some side projects at the moment around home automation that might take off soon, I'm excited about that a lot.  I'm focusing on a platform called Arduino, which is essentially a microcontroller that's not quite a computer, but is programmable and can do so many things, your mind is really the limit.  Since I'm working on some stuff that's not released yet, I can't elaborate too much, but keept your eyes peeled for an update at some point.

Anyway, on to some other topics of interest at the moment -

I'm still liking my job here in Colorado and the company I'm working for.  Eventually, however, I want to work for myself!  I think those of you that know me best won't be surprised at hearing this.

We'll see what happens!

I've brushed up a lot on my skills in the past couple years with programming, web design, Android, and Linux OS.  I've got some projects in the works using these technologies, so maybe I'll get lucky.

We built an office in the basement of the house for me to work in when I'm working at home, and I did some really cool work on the ceiling I will post here at some point.  Turned out great and I really like it a lot.

I'll try to be better at posting things, and hope that will happen soon.