Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Google Android OS to take the number #2 mobileOS spot by 2012

This just in, people are starting to agree with my prediction it seems. has released an article today saying that the mobile Google Android OS that is just starting to make appearances on other cell providers besides T-Mobile will be the #2 OS in the world by 2012. Guess who #1 is? It's not Apple, but rather Symbian OS, which is used on Nokia phones, popular overseas more so than in the US.

Why is this? It's partly because the OS is open source, it's partly because it's backed by Google, it's in part due to the fact that the Android OS runs on a multitude of cell phones and other devices made by different manufacturers. However, mostly, it's due to the fact that the OS is so heavily integrated with Google's "cloud" computing apps that it is releasing and will continue to release over the next few years, such as the upcoming collaborative team based working tool, Google Wave.

It's projected that there will be 40 devices released next year that will run Google Android. There will still be only one iPhone.

As I said before, some big changes are coming!

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