Monday, January 18, 2010

Decide 4 Me - LITE Released!

I've finally published my first Google Android application!

It's called Decide 4 Me - LITE, and it is perfect for those times when you can't decide what to do!  My lite version is supported by ads using AdMob, and the price is free.  The lite version has options for HEADS/TAILS, and A/B/C/D.

I'm releasing a paid ad-free version very soon that will have many more options and new features.  If you have any suggestions for the full version, please feel free to send them my way!  More heads are better than one ;)

I'm an independent developer, so your support means the world to me!!  Check the link below for its listing on  It has screenshots and a QR code to go to the market directly.  I've also included that on this post, so if you're really interested, I've taken the work out of finding it for you :)

Thanks for using it!


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